Alan Schnur
6 min readJan 11, 2021

January 6, 2021, a day like none other in the history of this country.

Last week we witnessed on live television a modern-day attempt at a coup d’état in the U.S. Congress. Just shy of a third of the Republicans in the Senate and House combined planned to disregard the democratic process by voting to invalidate the legal votes of millions of Americans. They took it upon themselves to look beyond the Constitution, beyond the truth and instead opted to announce publicly their allegiance with the president and his unfounded, unsubstantiated, unproven, untruthful conspiracy theories, theories that have been rejected by upwards of 90 judges, many of whom were appointed by the president. The Supreme Court chose not to even hear their case, given its absurd absence of any supporting data. The actions of these elected officials are indefensible. They are reprehensible and a direct threat to our free elections, the cornerstone of our nation.

Sadly, the president had other, more dramatic plans for the day. Following his clear incitement — a plea, actually — to commit violence, we watched as thousands of protesters overran the Capitol building for the first time since British troops did so in 1814. The mob was responding, at least in part, to the president’s open, repeated encouragement to upend what he considers, without any evidence, the “stealing” of his “landslide” reelection. The vice president, senators and members of the House were forced into hiding. One woman was shot and killed inside the building. Three others died during the mêlée. A Capitol police officer was killed after being struck with a fire extinguisher during the insurrection. At least two homemade explosive devices and eleven Molotov cocktails were found. The siege continued for hours.

This is how a corrupt, unrestrained, unhinged, irresponsible, dangerous president attempts to retain power, even after losing an election by over 7 million votes. On an even more frightening note, it is possible that his plan was to impose Martial law — had there been sufficient rioting across the country — possibly with the cooperation of Trump loyalists in federal law enforcement.¹ A military coup, under the guise of Martial law. I would not put it past him.

Remember January 6. It marks the beginning of what is almost sure to follow: violent insurrection. Their first revolutionary foray, fueled by repeated lies about a “stolen” election, was successful. They are angry. They are emboldened. They are armed. They will be back.

Remember also the names and faces of those who contributed to the events of this day. The guy at the top is Ted Cruz, the junior Republican senator from Texas. The guy below him is Josh Hawley, the junior Republican senator from Missouri. They are opportunists, likely seeking the future endorsement of the president when they run for that office in 2024. They are no doubt interested in the support of his vast and passionate base. But let us be very clear: they are seditionists, coup conspirators, traitors to our country.

From this day forward, add ‘Traitor’ to their name. Ted Cruz, Traitor. Josh Hawley, Traitor. Pass the word. This must never be forgotten or forgiven. They must never live this down. They are enemies of the republic, pure and simple. And since they did not act alone, add ‘Traitor’ to the names of every other Republican senator and member of the House who joined their anti-American quest to invalidate a presidential election without evidence or cause.

Senate Traitors: The Seditious Thirteen and Their Leader

  • Ted Cruz (Tex.)
  • Josh Hawley (Mo.)
  • Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.)
  • Mike Braun (Ind.)
  • Steve Daines (Mont.)
  • Bill Hagerty (Tenn.)
  • Ron Johnson (Wis.)
  • John Neely Kennedy (La.)
  • James Lankford (Okla.)
  • Kelly Loeffler (Ga.)
  • Cynthia M. Lummis (Wyo.)
  • Roger Marshall (Kan.)
  • Tommy Tuberville (Ala.)
  • Donald Trump

Do any of these coup conspirators represent you? If so, contact their office and explain that they have violated their oath of office — to uphold and protect the Constitution — and that he or she has forever violated your trust. Ask, politely, that she or he resign immediately, as that is the only honorable thing for a participant of a failed coup to do. Consider having family and friends make similar calls. It may be pointless, since none has any honor, but it will feel good, as you will be doing a righteous, even patriotic thing. You will be on the right side of history.

One important note that we must not overlook. The insurrectionists, who were predominantly white, were met with nearly no police presence, despite the president’s frequent tweets over the last few weeks encouraging his supporters to come to Washington to march on the Capitol. And despite the fact that the vice president and the entire Congress would be present. The rioters’ ability to enter the building was largely unabated. There were reports of Capitol police opening barriers to ease the insurrectionists’ entry, at least one officer encouraging them to enter², and of police taking selfies with the rioters. Had it been a Black Lives Matter protest, and had thousands of African Americans marched on the Capitol, there is little doubt that the situation would have been markedly different. They would surely have been met with heavy force. Barriers would have been erected days before. Armed and riot-ready police and National Guard would have been in a defensive position in large numbers, both outside and inside the Capitol. There would have been police dogs. Chemical weaponry and bullets would have been used to protect the building. Many would have been injured, some killed. Much blood would have been spilled. Under no circumstances would the intruders been able to enter the building, much less reach the Senate or House chambers or trash the offices of members of Congress. Hundreds would have been arrested, including those who incited the insurrection, possibly charged with murder. There might even have been a photo op with the president holding a copy of the Constitution upside down. The Capitol, the vice president and all members of Congress would have been protected. Antifa and the Radical Left would have been immediately blamed and vilified. Injuries to and deaths of rioters would have been easily justified by the administration and the media, given the threat they posed to our nation. Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson and other Fox News personalities would have been apoplectic, calling for heads on spikes. Trump would have been on Fox & Friends for hours celebrating his ability to crush the rebellion. Instead, there is talk of removing the president. There is talk of identifying and arresting some of the invaders (with several arrests reported by the FBI). There is talk of this being a bad day in our history. But, for the most part, it is only talk. Because it pays to be white.

If you still cling to the notion that there is not institutional racism in this country, look no farther than the events of January 6, 2021.

We are faced with an existential threat. There are those in Congress who support the Constitution and those who act daily to oppose it. The author, director and producer of this play currently sits in the White House and, at this moment, remains in office. His minions are everywhere and are easy to identify. Thirteen senators are named above. Another 140 are representatives, led by Seditionist Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader.³ (After the invasion of the Capitol, only 5 senators and 1 representative backed off.⁴ McCarthy was not one of them.) Others are the ones without masks, deniers of science and truth, those all too eager to crush the democratic rights of people of color, and most shockingly, stand up to support an amoral mob boss bent on destroying this nation. They are a threat to our democracy. The president, the traitorous Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and the other original 11 seditious senators and 140 coup conspiratorial members of the House are a disgrace. They are complicit in an attempted coup d’état of the United States and have the blood of five on their hands. They need to be expelled and forever remembered for what they are: traitors.






Alan Schnur

Alan is a consulting psychologist with a long and storied history of helping organizations of all sizes become more enriching, empowering places to work.