Next Stop: Civil War

  • The emergence of ‘sanctuary cities’ — jurisdictions that limit or prevent cooperation with the Federal government’s efforts to enforce immigration law¹²
  • Charlottesville’s deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally in 2017, with hundreds of tiki torch-carrying ‘Jews-will-not- replace-us’-chanting white nationalists protesting the removal of a Confederate statue¹³
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling protecting the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender individuals¹⁴
  • The Black Lives Matter movement, involving the concept of ‘systematic racism,’ the ceremonious and unceremonious removal of statues of Confederate soldiers and leaders, as well as talk of ‘defunding’ police departments
  • Repeated presence of heavily-armed civilians at Black Lives Matter marches, at least one leading to two deaths of unarmed protesters last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin¹⁵
  • Frequent reference to selected cities and states by the administration as ‘rat-infested,’ ‘lawless,’ and governed by ‘the radical left’
  • Detrimental treatment by the Federal government of specific states — most recently seen in the delay of delivery of COVID-19 testing kits — based on their governor’s political affiliation¹⁶
  • The administration referring just last week to select U.S. cities as ‘anarchistic,’ with threats to end their Federal funding¹⁷ and, among many others
  • The administration’s open, active and ongoing attempts to undermine the validity of the upcoming presidential election,¹⁸ even suggesting on a number of occasions last week — out loud and in public — that people vote twice.¹⁹



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Alan Schnur

Alan Schnur

Alan is a consulting psychologist with a long and storied history of helping organizations of all sizes become more enriching, empowering places to work.